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The accreditation documents and resources provide relevant and accessible information to Accredited Centres in Queensland.

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The QLD Accreditation Resource Kit provides information to current accredited centres to help achieve and maintain the current standards of accreditation. For those seeking more information on how to become an accredited centre or to read more about the benefits and opportunities please refer to the following:
Benefits of Accreditation
Becoming an Accredited Visitor Information Centre 
Signage Policy & Accreditation Criteria

If you are a staff member or volunteer currently working or overseeing an accredited centre in Queensland, you are welcome to join the 'Explore Queensland Network Facebook Group'. The group aims to share and locate relevant information that benefits the network as a whole and encourages all members to contribute, comment, question and share content relevant to ones town/region and centre. Additional recommended social pages to join and follow include:
- Explore Queensland Network (Facebook)
- Tourism Queensland Facebook Page, Consumer Youtube Channel and Industry Youtube Channel.
- Australia.com Facebook PageConsumer Youtube Channel and Industry Youtube Channel.
- Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC)
- Queensland Information Centre Association (QICA)
- Women in Tourism (Australia)

Locate all the QLD accredited centres on the following map which includes the centres town location, phone contact information and wifi availability.

Accredited centres are eligible to apply for accredited road signage which helps to direct visitors to their location and enhance the visibility of the network throughout the state. If you are looking to upgrade, replace or obtain quotes for road signage, please refer to the 'Tourist & Service Sign Guidelines' (As of July 2021) document. To submit an application, please head to the following link and contact your regional representative for any questions you may have.

Regional Reporting & Monthly E-Newsletters

FY 2020-2021 Whole of State
Tropical North Queensland
Townsville North Queensland
Mackay Isacc
Bundaberg Region
Fraser Coast
Sunshine Coast
Gold Coast
Southern Queensland Country
Outback Queensland

The Statistics Guide was streamlined in August 2021 and details how centres can effectively and correctly capture their monthly data and statistics. Centres are encouraged to contact [email protected] if they would like copies of their submitted results or would like to change the primary contact who receives the monthly statistics.

The network is updated with monthly e-newsletters that inform the Explore Network of current events, updates, alerts, centre stories and more. Please send a request to [email protected] to be added to the mailing list or if you have an article/story for a future edition.
- January 2021
- February 2021
- No March Edition
- April 2021
- May 2021
- No June Edition
- July 2021
- August 2021
- September 2021
- October 2021
- November 2021
- December 2021

Research & Resources

The Explore Queensland Brochure Guide showcases the current regional brochures and visitor guides in Queensland and includes details on who to contact and how to order. If your centre has produced a new regional guide, please send an image of the front cover to [email protected] and confirm the following details: number of guides per box, size of the guide (Eg. A4), contact details for ordering purposes, e-version link (if available) and the distribution manager (such as Link Logic). Most brochures can be ordered on Link Logics' 'ordering section' webpage.

The 2018 research paper 'A National Perspective on Visitor Information Servicing' showcases how extensive work creating new business models around visitor information servicing has occurred and reveals VICs are far more than a ‘bricks and mortar’ information service. Staff and volunteers are increasingly delivering visitor information services in additional ways to meet the changing needs of visitors and the paper summarises insights from research, literature and success stories nationally and internationally. It provides a fresh view on the future of accredited VICs and the priorities to remain competitive and relevant.

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) produced the 'A Way forward for Queensland VICs directions paper to capture future thinking about the role of accredited VICs as information providers. It was written in response to fundamental changes driven by technology, as consumers seek travel information from a number of digital and online resources. VICs have the opportunity to powerfully influence a visitor’s travel planning beyond what is possible from technology alone, by listening to their needs, providing inspiration and ensuring they receive the information they need. Proactive centres, in turn, can generate significant economic and social benefits for the tourism industry and local community. 

Accessible/Inclusive Tourism is an important, trending and often untapped visitor market which should be ongoingly recognised by all Queensland Accredited Centres. Research by Tourism Research Australia (TRA) confirmed that 1.3 million individuals (7% of the population) live with some form of disability or limitation and contribute around 3.2 billion annually to the tourism economy. In 2021, accredited Queensland centres were connected with the Accessible Tourism Australia app by Spinal Life and encouraged to review and add applicable 'accessible points of interest' to locations within their region. Centres are also recommended to review:
2018 Accessible Tourism in Victoria & Queensland Report.
- References to the ATDW portalwhich includes 'accessible fields' that help to define a centres current accessible offerings and services.
- The VacayIt app for blind and low vision visitors.
- The Travel without Limits website showcasing a number of blogs addressing iconic Queensland locations.